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Sunday          Acolytes

February 25 Preston Mattheis and Ethan Poore
March 4 Gavin Braun and Ryder Braun
March 11 Ella Pollreisz and Lincoln Thury
March 18 Hilary Polreis and Mackenzie Titze
March 25 Zoey Harrison and Joshua Polreis
March 29 Maundy Thursday Ethan Poore and Caleb Titze
March 30 Good Friday
Amedea Luikens and Landon Thury


Classes are back in session!!

Schedule for Lenten services
February 21 Goehing and Mattheis serve treats, Kacy and Preston acolyte, and Emma and Zoey read.
February 28 Thury and Harrison serve treats, Landon and Zoey acolyte, Lincoln and Chayse read.
March 7 Polreis and Weber serve treats, Josh and Chayse acolyte, and Wes and Ethan read.
March 14 Luikens, Titze and Braun serve treats, Amedea and Ryder acolyte, and Caleb reads.
March 21 Bigge and Poore serve treats, Wes and Ethan acolyte, and everyone helps with the sermon.
Check out the report from the Luther Leaugue Meeting under the Luther League tab!!

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