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If you missed this week's sermon just click on the bible verse above for Pastor Tammy's latest sermon.
Sunday School will begin on Sunday, September 9 at 10:10 am.  Plese register your child(ren) as soon as possible.  Here is the registration form.         SS_Registration_Form_2018-2019.pdf              .

Worship with communion is every Sunday at 9:00 am.  Sunday School will begin agaln on Sunday, September 9.  

 The construction process for the second elevator is under way.  We are only needing less than $9,000 to finish the project.  Let's finish strong!!
The first lift is installed and ready to be used. Construction on the second lift has begun. Thank you to all who have donated and worked to have this become a reality.  We still need to raise funds for the second lift.  Please give as you are able.  Make sure to tell everyone and invite them to come check it out.

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