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Meet the Salem Lutheran Church Staff
Marlene Wuertzer
Office Administrator

Linda Schoenfish

Karla Schelske

Betty Marshall

Tina Polreis
Sunday School Coordinator
Our History
Salem Lutheran Church was first organized by an ambitious group of people on April 24, 1892.    Over the years members of other local Lutheran congregations have helped to strengthen Salem Lutheran's heritage when their congregations dissolved.  Salem Lutheran has been blessed with members from Rosenfeld, Kulm, Eigenfeld, and Wittenberg congregations.  Our roots are strongly tied to our German heritage, but our tree branches continue to reach out and embrace all walks of life.  Salem Lutheran Church is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).
Lutheran History
The Lutheran Church movement began as a reforming movement within the larger Roman Catholic church back in 1517 with the monk Martin Luther. Luther's intention was never to create a new church movement, but simply reform the current church of some of its 'questionable' practices especially indulgences (obtaining forgiveness for a sinful act through the use of money) and gross misconduct by clergy (many church members lost trust in their clergy through immoral acts and political jockeying) .  As the reformation continued Luther and other reformers focused on putting the power of the church back into the hands of ordinary people.  To do this they stressed putting the scriptures into the hands of everyday people, the translation of the bible into common languages (German), and the theological education of the working class.  They were essentially trying to shift the power flow of the church from the top down, to the bottom up.

What we Believe
  • We believe in the One Triune God
  • We are saved from our sins by what God has done on behalf of us - saved by grace through faith.
  • We celebrate two sacraments: Holy Communion and Holy  Baptism
  • The Bible is the inspired word of God, and is the Norm for for both faith and life.
  • Every member is as equally important as the next, and has gifts and talents to contribute (Priesthood of All Believers).
  • The church is run by all members.
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